The miracle of the Corinthian sun

In the Corinthian Prefecture near ancient Nemea, outside the village of Chiliomodi, the Organic Farming Olive Groves have existed for many years, and this is where the “golden-leaved olive tree” has existed for thousands of years in a pure natural environment without the use of pesticides or chemicals in the soil and the water. It is the “Manaki” variety, a well-known variety which is produced exclusively in the Corinthian and Argolidan prefectures, and is clearly the olive tree which was used in the wreaths made for the winners of the Nemean races in the 5th and 6th century. It is also the olive oil that the athletes applied to their naked bodies under the bright, life-giving sun of the Peloponese.

It is from these 200-acre organic olive groves of the Skourtis family that we proudly present to the global market a fine virgin olive oil of organic farming, cold-pressed at 20 degrees, which is of high nutritional value and has a wonderful rich flavor, with an authentic fruity aroma.