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Ancient ΤΕΝΕΑ is located in the Corinthian prefecture, near the village of CHILIOMODI.
According to legend, it was founded by Agamemnon, who brought Troan prisoners to inhabit the area, having brought them with him form Troy. It is said that Oedipus was raised in Tenea. Recent excavations which began in 2018 and are still underway, indicate that it was founded in the 6th century BC. . Beautiful public baths and rare sculptures were unearthed at the site, such as the famous kouros of Tenea, which can be found in Munich. Among the finds are gold coins and numerous vessels in which olive oil, and more specifically new green olive oil was stored.

In ancient times new green olive oil was thought to have therapeutic properties, as is documented by the signs at the nearby Asklepeion of Epidaurus. Clergymen administered various prescriptions based on olive oil to the worshippers, through which they helped ‘cure’ those who suffered from various illnesses. On the other hand, athletes competing in the ‘NEMEA’ championships, under the hot sun of Corinthia, applied olive oil to their naked bodies for a sense of well-being and strength.
In the same ancient location grows the fruity variety of olive tree ‘MANAKI’, whose valuable green olive oil we offer today, straight from the organic olive groves of the area.

Copy of a coin of the Hellenistic period (1st century A.D.)